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Pediatric Dentistry for Thorough Back-to-School Checkups Highlands Ranch, CO
Dentist with a patient in the pediatric dentistry office

Since the pandemic, many children have been learning virtually or they have been homeschooled. Now that some restrictions are lifting, many are returning to the classroom. An important part of preparing to return to school is the back-to-school dental checkup. Regardless of whether your child is returning to the classroom or remaining at home with virtual learning, this time of year is perfect for this important pediatric dental checkup.

Why A Pediatric Dental Checkup Now?

Many school districts require new or returning students to show proof of dental and health checkups in the beginning of the school year. While this requirement may seem inconvenient considering everything else parents need to do to help kids get back to school, a visit to the pediatric dentist does serve an important purpose.

Not only does the dental checkup inform you of your child’s oral health, it also provides an opportunity for the dentist to identify and treat any dental disease your child may have. Not knowing the health of your child’s teeth and gums could have painful and expensive consequences later in the school year.
The American Dental Association reported that over 51 million school hours are missed each year by children due to dental disease. This problem can interfere with a child’s ability to chew or speak. The distraction caused by pain and discomfort makes attending to school lessons nearly impossible. Identifying and treating problems before they have a chance to impact your child’s studies is a significant factor in your child’s overall health and well-being.

Questions for the Pediatric Dentist

During the back-to-school checkup, you may have questions that you would like to ask the pediatric dentist regarding your child’s oral health. Writing down questions you may have before the dental visit will ensure that all your questions are answered. At Restore Dental, we welcome questions from parents and kids. We want you to feel comfortable and to have an understanding of any dental procedures that your child may need.

Parents often have questions about x-rays and fluoride treatments. X-rays are not required at each visit; however, the dentist may need to take them to check on what is happening below the surface. Fluoride treatments help strengthen the teeth and fight off decay.

If your child plays sports, you may want to ask about a custom-made mouth guard to protect his or her teeth. If your child already has one, bring it to the office. Your dentist can determine if it still fits or if a new one is needed.

At Restore Dental, our main priority is to restore and maintain the oral health of our patients. Make sure your child gets off to a good start this school year by scheduling an appointment with our pediatric dentist for a back-to-school checkup. Make the call today.

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