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Keeping your gums and teeth healthy should involve routine checkups with your dentist. Brushing and flossing at home can maintain fairly clean teeth, but you still need your teeth examined for health issues and professional cleanings for optimal oral health. At Restore Dental, we make it simple to get the general dental care you need. We offer professional dental cleanings and checkups for kids, teens and adults at our office in Highlands Ranch.

Bacteria, plaque and tartar can all cause problems with your teeth. Home oral hygiene should remove most bacteria and plaque if you brush after every meal and floss daily. But even our most meticulous oral hygiene patients still need a thorough dental cleaning to remove tartar that can form on back teeth or in tight places. Professional cleanings, along with home oral hygiene, can help prevent gum disease, reduce bad breath and improve your overall oral health.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Many dental problems are silent in nature. Tooth decay or a small tooth crack may not have any symptoms in the early stages, but both can cause extensive tooth damage. Dental exams can detect oral health issues early, which can minimize tooth damage and reduce the expense of treatment. Dr. Chiu will carefully examine your teeth and gums and recommend any treatments needed to help you maintain a healthy smile. In many cases, we can perform small treatments the same day as your checkup.

Dental cleanings and checkups should be part of your oral health care routine. We recommend most patients come in at least twice a year to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The good news is most dental insurance plans cover dental exams and cleanings under preventive care. To schedule your next checkup, contact us at Restore Dental in Highlands Ranch. We accept most dental insurance plans and welcome new patients of all ages.

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