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Your teeth are resilient and can withstand extreme pressure, but impact, decay and other factors can weaken or damage a tooth. Some damage to teeth can be repaired with fillings or dental bonding, but if the tooth has extensive structural damage, it may need protection. Dental crowns are made to fit over a tooth and provide a protective surface for damaged teeth. Our dental team at Restore Dental offers dental crowns for tooth repairs, restorations and cosmetic dentistry at our clinic in Highlands Ranch, CO.

A dental crown is made from a mold, or impression of a tooth. The crown can be made of metal or porcelain. Metal crowns are more durable, but most patients prefer the natural appearance of porcelain dental crowns. Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that are broken, cracked or damaged from injury or invasive dental treatments like root canals. Crowns can also be used in tooth restorations like dental implants or bridges. In some cases, cosmetic dental crowns are used to improve the appearance of flawed teeth.

Restore Cracked or Damaged Teeth

If you have a weakened or injured tooth, a dental crown can protect it from further structure damage. To implement a dental crown, the natural tooth is filed down to accommodate the crown covering. An impression of the tooth is needed to create the dental crown. This ensures the crown will fit perfectly over the tooth and create an even bite within the mouth. In most cases, dental crown tooth repairs or restorations are completed in two appointments. The first appointment is used to prepare the natural tooth for the crown, take the impression and install a temporary crown. The second appointment is to install the permanent dental crown once it is completed by the dental lab.

If you need a dental crown for a cracked, damaged or broken tooth, contact us at Restore Dental. We can schedule a consultation for a dental crown assessment and fitting at our dental center in Highlands Ranch.

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