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Dental implants are a restorative dentistry treatment that replicate the structure of a natural tooth, with a titanium post that attaches to the jawbone. Like natural teeth, injuries, gum disease and health conditions can affect dental implants. While dental implants can last for decades, they still need maintenance and repairs, and in some cases, replacement. At Restore Dental, our implant dentist, Dr. Chiu, offers dental implant restorations and repairs at our clinic in Highlands Ranch.

The longevity of a dental implant relies on the post staying in place within the jawbone. There are circumstances where a dental implant may become unstable. If there is bone loss or deteriorated gum tissue, the implant can become loose. Forceful impact to the mouth or jaw while playing sports or in an accident can damage the implant or jawbone. If a dental implant is no longer stable, it may need to be removed and/or replaced. We offer dental implant removal and restorations using advanced implant dentistry.

Implant Repairs

Maintaining your dental implants is important. You should receive routine checkups to inspect your implants for any damage or problems. If you have a loose implant or damage to the crown or abutment, these issues can be addressed at Restore Dental. We offer dental implant repairs to protect your investment in your dental implants. Most dental implant repairs involve replacing a dental crown that is cracked or broken, which does not require surgery. In some cases, oral surgery may be needed to repair implants that have problems with the actual post.

If you have dental implants, it is important to keep them maintained with regular visits to a dentist who specializes in implant dentistry. Come see us at Restore Dental for routine dental implant checkups, as well as dental implant restorations and repairs. Contact our dental practice in Highlands Ranch, CO, to schedule your next checkup or implant repair.

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