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All on 4, All on 6 Full-mouth Restorations

“All on 4” comes from a recent dental innovation: a complete, full-arch set of new teeth secured by only four implants—hence, “all on four.” This popular full-mouth restoration is prevailing over other traditional options like regular dentures. For a completely new smile, All on 4 and All on 6 look and feel the most like real teeth!

The patient is fully sedated for the procedure, during which the surgeon affixes four screws to the jawbone. Protruding abutments provide anchor points onto which the dentist then fastens temporary teeth against the gums. Unlike dentures, these teeth are securely fixed to the jaw. The teeth are immediately usable and worn for up to three months while permanent, customized teeth are created and put in at a later appointment. The new teeth are customized according to patient specifications, and Restore Dental can help you craft the specific teeth and smile you want.

Getting All on 4 or All on 6 implants is life-changing. People who have bad teeth or several missing teeth can undergo an All on 4 procedure in the morning and have a complete set of pearly whites by the afternoon. The cosmetic effects of these full mouth restorations are nothing short of stunning, and so many people have taken back their confidence with their new smiles.

Even more, All on 4 also affects overall quality of life, as this procedure can eliminate severe long-term pain associated with various tooth problems. All on 4 implants restore more tooth and chewing functionality than dentures, and they are permanently set in the mouth and will not get lost or fall off while the wearer is talking or eating. These fixed hybrid teeth are a lifelong solution that supplies high functionality and requires minimal maintenance over time.

We have high regard for the transforming impacts this procedure has had on so many smiles, so Restore Dental has worked to make All on 4 and All on 6 smile transformations possible for everyone in the Highlands Ranch area. We’ve also streamlined our process to make it more cost-effective by using a state-of-the-art digital workflow and procedure setup.

Your dental records are consolidated digitally between the two dental offices that manage the procedure: the restorative evaluations and planning are done by Restore Dental at our office, while the surgery is performed by our trusted partners at Colorado Surgical Arts. Together, we provide our All on 4 and All on 6 patients with unmatched care that gives them bright smiles for a bright future.

We support numerous payment options, taking most dental insurance and offering financing through CareCredit for uncovered costs. For convenience, you can also pay securely online through our website.

If you want a new start with a new set of teeth, call Restore Dental at (720) 863-7855 to learn more about what life might look like for you after All on 4. Believe us, it will never be the same. Call today!

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