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The gum tissue supports and protects the teeth roots, sealing them from bacteria to help prevent infection. When the gum tissue recedes away from the teeth, it can be a sign of gum disease and oral health problems. If you have receding gums, this condition can lead to periodontitis and tooth loss. At Restore Dental, we offer advanced general dentistry options in receding gum treatment at our dental center in Highlands Ranch.

Gum tissue is important to tooth health. If the gum tissue is irritated by tartar, plaque or bacteria, it can become infected. Gingivitis or early stages of gum disease can cause swollen or tender gums that bleed and may begin to recede. Aging and injury to the gums can also impact the gum tissue. If not treated, receding gums can cause loose teeth and increased oral infections. To prevent bone and tooth loss, it is vital to seek receding gum treatment.

Relief for Bleeding or Swollen Gums

The most common cause of receding gums is infection. The gum tissues become inflamed and tender and may bleed easily when brushing or flossing. Treatment for receding gums can include medications to stop the infection as well as dental procedures to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar that are irritating the gum tissue. Deep teeth cleanings, prescription mouthwash for infection and other treatments can help restore gum health to relieve bleeding, swollen gums. With the right treatment, the progression of periodontal disease can be stopped to prevent further damage to your teeth and oral health.

Your gums are crucial to overall oral health. If you have receding, swollen or bleeding gums, treatment is available at Restore Dental. Contact our dental office in Highlands Ranch to schedule a dental cleaning and periodontal exam to determine the best treatment for your receding gums.

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