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Many different elements can impact the color of your teeth. Food, beverages, tobacco and even aging can change your youthful pearly whites. If you have noticed your teeth are tinged with a yellow, brown or dull hue, you can restore a brighter smile with teeth whitening. Our cosmetic dental team at Restore Dental can help you safely improve the color of your smile with teeth whitening services at our dental clinic in Highlands Ranch.

Wine, coffee, berries and other dark-pigmented foods or beverages can change the color of your teeth over time. Even with daily brushing, teeth can become darker. Tobacco smoking or chewing is notorious for yellowing teeth. A white smile is equated with youth and health and is considered an attractive attribute. If you no longer have white teeth, it can be embarrassing and may make you look older. A quick way to improve your smile’s appearance is with professional teeth bleaching, which we offer at Restore Dental.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

There are many over-the-counter products that offer teeth whitening, from toothpastes and gels to strips and gums. While these products may slightly lighten teeth color, they could provide uneven or unreliable results. Our cosmetic dentist can recommend professional teeth bleaching products or services that can quickly give you the white smile you desire. We will also monitor your dental health to ensure your whitening procedure is safe and won’t harm your teeth or gums.

Teeth whitening can give you back a youthful, healthy smile that can boost your self-confidence. It is one of the quickest ways to improve your smile’s appearance. If you want to explore the various professional teeth bleaching options available, contact us at Restore Dental to schedule a teeth whitening consultation.

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