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A scared teenage girl suffering from dental phobia sitting in a dental chair.

While many people may dislike going to the dentist, there are some that experience anxiety or fear when faced with dental care visits. Patients with dental phobia or anxiety can have difficulty relaxing enough to receive the dental care they need. If you suffer from fear of going to the dentist, do not let it keep you from maintaining your oral health. At Restore Dental, we offer special dental care for patients with dental phobia or anxiety at our dental center in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Many people avoid the dentist out of fear or anxiety. It may be caused by a poor experience in the past during dental care, or there may be no rational reason for the anxiety. Unfortunately, avoiding the dentist can only cause worse dental problems that require more invasive treatments. Instead of avoiding the dentist, it is better to find a solution to allow for regular visits to a quality dentist to maintain oral health and reduce dental problems. Sedation dentistry is a wonderful solution for those with dental phobia or anxiety, which we offer at Restore Dental.

Sedation for Dental Anxiety

Our dental team tries to make every patient comfortable and relaxed during their visits, but some patients need extra help. Sedation dentistry can help patients with dental fear or anxiety relax and feel at ease during their visits. For mild to moderate dental anxiety, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can be enough to make patients comfortable. For more severe anxiety or true dental phobia, we offer oral conscious sedation, which is a deeper state of relaxation using oral medications. Both can be safely used for patients with a fear of dental care, allowing us to quickly perform our dental treatments while the patient is blissfully relaxed.

Do not let a fear of the dentist keep you from having a healthy smile. Contact us at Restore Dental to discuss our sedation options for patients with dental phobia. Call our dental clinic in Highlands Ranch to schedule an appointment or to learn more about sedation dentistry options.

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