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If you still have bad breath after you brush your teeth or use a breath mint, you may have halitosis. Bad breath that is not caused by lingering odors from food or beverages can be caused by dental or medical issues. Halitosis can be embarrassing in personal and professional encounters, but more importantly, it can be a sign of health problems. If you suffer from chronic bad breath, or halitosis, general dentistry treatment is available at Restore Dental in Highlands Ranch.

There are internal medical conditions that cause halitosis, but often the source of bad breath is in the mouth. Dental problems often involve decay or infection, which have bacteria that cause bad odors. If you have gum disease, tooth decay or an abscess in a tooth, you may have halitosis. This bad odor will not go away by chewing gum, popping a breath mint or even brushing your teeth. The solution is combating the bacteria, infection or decay with dental treatments.

Treatment for Bad Breath

If you have halitosis, the first step in treatment is visiting a dentist for a cleaning and checkup. Our dental team at Restore Dental can perform a thorough cleaning and gum examination to determine if you have infected gum tissue that may be causing bad odors. Dr. Chiu can also perform a dental exam to look for cavities or tooth infections that could be the source of foul breath. Treatment for oral infections or decay can often eliminate halitosis. If there is not a dental issue causing your bad breath, our dentist can recommend oral hygiene options and may suggest seeing your primary care physician to check for other possible causes.

In many cases, the source of halitosis is a tooth cavity, gingivitis or oral infection. If you have chronic bad breath, contact our dental team to schedule a cleaning and checkup at our dental center in Highlands Ranch.

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