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Fillings can be an effective cosmetic dental treatment to replace lost tooth material. Whether you have a cavity, crack or chip in a tooth, a dental filling may be recommended to repair the tooth and replace missing enamel. The problem is that amalgam or metal fillings can change your tooth color and impact the aesthetics of your smile. At Restore Dental in Highlands Ranch, we offer composite fillings that can be matched to your tooth color for tooth repairs and cosmetic treatments.

What is a Composite Resin?

Composite, or dental resin, is a synthetic compound that is made from plastic and other materials to replace tooth material. In its uncured form, it is soft like putty. This allows it to be shaped and molded to fit on the tooth to fill in cavities or replace chips. The tooth is etched, and a bonding liquid is applied before the composite resin is used. Once the composite resin is in place, a special light or heat is used to cure and harden it. A white composite filling or bonding treatment can last for several years or more, even decades.

Composite resin can be color-matched to your tooth shade. Once cured, the white fillings are almost invisible. Not only can composite resin be used for fillings and tooth repairs, but it can be used for cosmetic bonding. This technique uses composite resin to reshape teeth or cover stains that cannot be removed by whitening treatments. Cosmetic bonding can accomplish many of the same aesthetic goals as veneers, but it can be performed in one visit and is usually much less expensive.

You do not need to have silver fillings if you get a cavity or need a tooth repair. Ask our dental team at Restore Dental about composite or white fillings and cosmetic bonding. Contact our office in Highlands Ranch to schedule your next appointment.

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