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An Unconventional Solution to TMJ Disorders Highlands Ranch, CO
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You may not have heard of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), but it would be impossible to ignore symptoms of disorders related to the joint. The TMJ connects your jawbone to your skull, acting like a hinge to allow facial movement and chewing. If the bone, muscles or supporting tissues are injured or diseased, you could experience several painful symptoms.

These symptoms affect not only the mouth but several areas of the upper body. Sufferers have reported sore cheeks and jaw, swelling in the face and facial pain akin to a bolt of lightning. Outside of the face, you could feel discomfort in the neck and shoulder area, or a ringing in the ears. You may be more suspectable to migraines and headaches, particularly in times of stress. It is not unusual to experience a clicking feeling in the jaw when suffering from a TMJ disorder.

Are You Also Experiencing Issues with Your Teeth?

You may not initially be aware that you suffer from bruxism. Partners and loved ones will likely tell you that you grind your teeth in your sleep. Gritting or clenching your teeth during the day is also a potential sign of bruxism.

Symptoms of a TMJ disorder may present as pain in the jaw, neck, face or ear. You may also experience headaches and sleep disruption. A dentist will notice that you have flattened, chipped or loose teeth as a result of grinding behavior. This can lead to worn tooth enamel, introducing decay and rot to your teeth.

Botox: the Innovative Solution to Your Jaw Issues

There is no conclusive evidence as to why some individuals experience TMJ issues or bruxism. It has been linked to physical, emotional and psychological stress. However, as these conditions limit your rest and quality of life, it is hard to recover even after the initial stressors have been resolved.

Normally cited as a solution to wrinkles, Botox® may provide answers for sufferers of TMJ conditions. Concentrated injections will allow your jaw muscles to relax, resulting in a restful sleep, protection for your teeth and a reduction in headaches. Don’t suffer in silence, contact Restore Dental in Colorado for a Botox consultation today.

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