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How Our iTero Scanner Provides You a More Comfortable Invisalign Experience Highlands Ranch, CO
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The expert dental team at Restore Dental can deliver superior diagnostics with the iTero Element® 5D imaging system, resulting in better Invisalign® treatment plans for you.

The expert dental team at Restore Dental utilizes the iTero Element 5D imaging system to provide you with a faster and more comfortable Invisalign experience. Using the most advanced dental technology solutions, we offer improved patient care that gets you the smile you want and deserve.

How Does It Work?

The iTero Element 5D imaging system is state-of-the-art technology that enables your orthodontist to capture an exact 3D digital impression of your teeth, gums and bite. As a result, it is a less invasive procedure for creating your Invisalign aligners and retainers.

The scanning process is simple. First, your orthodontist moves a small wand inside your mouth, capturing images of tooth surfaces and gum tissue. Next, the images are pieced together in real-time on the iTero computer’s touchscreen, forming a color 3D model of the inside of your mouth. The complete model is then used to show you your treatment, including the outcome, and build your aligners.

No Messy Molds

The iTero Element system eliminates the need for messy plaster molds. As a result, the digital imaging process is cleaner, more convenient and precise, delivering fewer fitting issues and faster results. According to Align Technology research, orthodontists have seven times fewer fitting problems with the Invisalign aligners if they use the scans.

Preview Your Future Smile

You can view the digital scans of your mouth straight from your dental chair at your initial exam appointment. You will see before and after models of your smile and feel more confident by knowing what to expect. You will also see how your teeth will move over time, thanks to the system’s time-lapse technology.

Better Understanding of Your Treatment

We can track your progress with regular scans throughout your Invisalign treatment to compare expected outcomes with results. We can then use the process scans to inform you about the importance of complying with recommendations if the results aren’t as expected.

Shorter Office Visits

The duration of your appointments will be shorter because the 3D scans are instant, meaning less time waiting around. Plus, we can begin treatment quicker because we can start making your aligners right away.

A straight smile is an integral part of your appearance because it is one of the first features people notice. So let us help you achieve that in the most comfortable manner possible. To learn more about the iTero Element 5D imaging system and Invisalign, contact us at Restore Dental or visit our clinic in Highlands Ranch, CO.

The sooner you book your first cosmetic dentistry consultation, the sooner we can help you achieve that smile you have always desired!

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