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Why Some of the Highest Quality Dental Implants Are Titanium Highlands Ranch, CO
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At Restore Dental, to give you the highest quality dental implants, we use the highest quality materials. The gold standard is titanium. This material is one of the best, providing a strong, durable foundation for replacing lost teeth. Learn why implants made of titanium could change your life at our Highlands Ranch, CO, dental office. 

Body-Safe Material

Your biggest concern might be how your body will react to having a foreign object implanted in your jaw. It sounds scary, but titanium implants are designed to be accepted by your body. As one 2022 study highlights, titanium is non-toxic and bioinert—this means that your body doesn’t react to the material. Another term for this is biocompatible. 

Biocompatibility is critical to the most important aspect of dental implants: osseointegration. This is the process of your jaw forming around the titanium post as if it were a natural part of your body. Osseointegration makes implants excellent substitutes for natural teeth. 

Strict Quality Control

You can feel even more confident in your implants because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that they are safe. Each implant undergoes rigorous testing to verify it meets health and safety standards. This includes assessing the implant’s biocompatibility and overall integrity. You can be sure that anything we put in your mouth is safe. 

Durability of Titanium 

Titanium is incredibly strong yet lightweight, making it an ideal material for high-quality dental implants. The metal resists corrosion and wear, so your implant can withstand the force of chewing and biting. In fact, with proper care, you can even expect your titanium implants to last the rest of your life.

Dental Implants Cost

It’s true that implants can be more expensive upfront. Other restoration options, like dental bridges or dentures, might be cheaper initially. However, titanium’s durability and longevity often make implants a more cost-effective choice in the long run. 

At Restore Dental, we want to give you the highest quality care possible for your smile. We offer several avenues to restoration, from insurance to financing to our own Dental Savers Plan. If you’re concerned about cost, let us know, and we can work to chart a path that works for your budget. 

Tooth Implant Misconceptions

    • “Dental Implants Are Extremely Painful to Install.” We place titanium implants while you’re under local anesthesia, making it relatively pain-free. We also offer sedation if you’re anxious.
    • “Implants Can Trigger Metal Detectors or Interfere with MRIs.” Titanium is non-magnetic, and your implants are likely too small to set off metal detectors. You can safely pass through security and get medical scans. 
    • “Titanium Implants Cause Health Issues from Metal Corrosion.” In reality, titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, which is precisely why we use it at Restore Dental. 
    • “Recovery from Implant Surgery Takes a Very Long Time.” While osseointegration typically takes a few months, you can go about your daily activities during the process.

      Look No Further for the Highest Quality Dental Implants

      At Restore Dental in Highlands Ranch, CO, we craft tooth replacements that aren’t just beautiful but also safe, durable, and customized to you. If you still have questions about titanium implants, the process, or other aspects of restoring your smile, reach out today to set up an implant consultation appointment today.

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