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When you have a toothache, it is difficult to think about anything else. It is also a sign that something is bothering the nerve in the tooth. If you have tooth pain, there is no reason to suffer. Oral pain can often be relieved in one trip to your dentist. If you live in the Littleton or Centennial, CO, area, tooth pain relief is just a quick trip away. Come see us at Restore Dental in Highlands Ranch for dental treatments to ease tooth and jaw pain.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it is not normal. Most tooth pain is caused by the irritation of the nerves inside of the tooth. While occasional sensitivity to hot or cold that causes a temporary toothache is usually not an urgent dental issue, oral pain that is severe or continues for days may be a serious dental issue. Cracks, infections and decay can all cause tooth pain and require treatment to reduce the chance of further damage. We offer emergency dental appointments for new and existing patients with tooth pain – most tooth issues can be resolved in one visit.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

Does your jaw ache or is your lower face tender? Your jaw joint, muscles, tendons and ligaments can be put under stress from oral issues. Misalignments or malocclusions can put strain on the jaw, causing jaw pain, TMJ/TMD and other problems. If you suffer from jaw pain, Dr. Chiu can perform a thorough examination to determine the cause and recommend the best treatment for relief.

Oral pain is a sign of problems with your teeth, gums or jaw. If you or a family member have tooth or jaw pain, an accurate diagnosis and treatment are available at Restore Dental. Contact our practice in Highlands Ranch to schedule an exam and treatment.

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